Problems running Civ 6? Here are the most common bugs and their fixes

Problems Running Civ 6? Here Are The Most Common Bugs And Their Fixes

Civilization VI just launched, and while many of you are one-more-turning into the small hours, many, it seems, are struggling with a couple of nasty bugs. Reports of problems playing the game are especially common since the weekend. If that s you, hopefully we can help.

Is Civilization VI worth enduring these bugs to play? Find out in our review1.

General fixes

There are a couple of steps you can take to fix most issues on most games.

  • First, double-check your system meets the minimum requirements to run the game. Remember, Civ 6 doesn’t support 32-bit operating systems.
  • Second, ensure Civ 6 has been correctly installed on your machine. Right-click the game in your Steam library and select ‘Properties’. Click on the ‘Local Files’ tab, and then on ‘Verify integrity of game cache’.
  • Third, update your graphics card drivers. You can get the latest Nvidia drivers here2, and the latest AMD drivers here3.

Civ 6 hangs or crashes on loading screen, or takes a very long time to load

This seems to be one of the most common issues since the weekend. Fortunately, it has a fairly simple fix; reports both on Reddit 4and CivFanatics 5indicate the problem is with Windows Defender. Start by adding an exclusion for your Civ 6 folder. In Windows 10, from the start menu, go to ‘Settings’, then ‘Update & Security’, then ‘Windows Defender’. Click ‘Add an Exclusion’, and then ‘Exclude a Folder’. Navigate to your Civ 6 folder and select it. This way you can keep Windows Defender running but tell it to stop doing whatever it s doing to Civ 6. If this doesn’t work, try excluding your entire Steam folder. Another possible fix is to allow Civ 6 through Windows Firewall. Use Cortana to search for Windows Firewall and click ‘Allow an app through Windows Firewall’, then scroll down the following list until you see Civ 6. If you’re still having issues, you can try disabling Windows Defender altogether, but this should be a last resort.

Sound issues

Some players are reporting sound problems, including crackling noises, desynchronisation, sound running too fast or simply not playing at all. Try lowering your sound quality: go to ‘Settings’ in the main menu, click the ‘Sound’ tab, and lower the sound quality to 16-bit.

Missing .dll files

Programs like games use instructions contained in dynamic-link library (.dll) files to call on other files to do certain things. If you’re missing some, the quickest fix is to ensure all the likely parts of your system are up to date. Start by reinstalling or updating DirectX6. You should also perform a check for updates via ‘Windows Update’ in the ‘Settings’ menu. Restart your computer once you’ve done this.

If that hasn’t worked, you can find and replace the missing .dll file manually. The error message should specify which file you’re missing, so copy/paste it into Google and run a search. The results should offer a replacement to download, most likely from dll-files.com7, which also offers a client promising a one-click fix.

Hopefully these suggestions should fix the most common errors until Firaxis can patch them permanently. Let us know if you re still having problems!


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Build cyber protection around known threats warns AT&T

Build Cyber Protection Around Known Threats Warns AT&TBuild Cyber Protection Around Known Threats Warns AT&TAdd to favorites1

As cyber attacks become more everyday occurrences so these attacks on business are mostly originating as known or common threats. The mainstreaming of cyberattack methods has made it possible for anyone from a nation state to a student to launch an attack on an organization. While the hype and uncertainty surrounding new cybersecurity threats or

As cyber attacks become more everyday occurrences so these attacks on business are mostly originating as known or common threats.

The mainstreaming of cyberattack methods has made it possible for anyone from a nation state to a student to launch an attack on an organization. While the hype and uncertainty surrounding new cybersecurity threats or vulnerabilities paint the picture that cyberattacks are seemingly unstoppable, in fact, more than 90% of the attacks seen in the past year were known. Having the right security measures may have helped prevent those attacks.

AT&T research shows that2:

  • 90% of companies experienced a malware attack, where infected software infiltrated their network in the past year.
  • Ransomware attacks, where attackers threaten an attack in exchange for money or valuable information, increased sevenfold between July and August 2016.
  • In the past year, 73% of companies suffered at least one Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack.

It s not just gaps in security protections that leave companies vulnerable to these attacks. An employee clicking a bad link, a simple mistake, can also cause a breach. More than 7,000 businesses in the U.S. suffered total combined losses of around £740 million after employees fell victim to email-based phishing scams from 2013 2015.

The daunting depiction of newly discovered security threats often gets attention from media and business leaders alike. But in fact, most attackers are targeting businesses using forms of attacks we already know about and can help defend against, said Mo Katibeth, senior vice president of Advanced Solutions, AT&T. In today s digital age, businesses need to remain vigilant about deploying and updating core security protections, and in educating employees on how their actions might impact the company s security.

So how can businesses help protect themselves from falling victim to these attacks? The CEO s Guide to Navigating the Threat Landscape provides more detail on what cybersecurity attacks are affecting businesses and how organizations can work to protect against them.

Build Cyber Protection Around Known Threats Warns AT&T Protecting against known cybersecurity threats is crucial. Last year, linked2pay was targeted by a DDoS attack, but we were able to quickly activate our breach plan and protect our systems using AT&T s services and expertise, said Robert McShirley, CEO of linked2pay. Had we not, our company could have faced serious repercussions. Our advice to other companies is to make sure you are updating your defenses to protect against the threats already out there. Helping to protect against what we already know could prove critical to your business.

Essential steps every business should take today include:

  • Build your defenses around known threats;
  • Create a security culture within your organization;
  • Keep current with security patches, logs, and software updates; and
  • Implement new technologies with security in mind.

AT&T research in the latest AT&T Cybersecurity Insights report, The CEO s Guide to Navigating the Threat Landscape. 3


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iPad Pro 2: This List of Upgrades Promises Excitement but don’t Expect The Release During Apple MacBook Pro Event …

Apple iPad devices won’t be taking a break soon, as the latest rumor suggests major enhancements coming to the tablets.

Apple rumor: iPad Pro 2 to get a lot of advancements

This is not a new rumor but the previous reports seem to corroborate the old ones. Analyst Ming-chi Kuo has claimed that there will be three iPad models launched in 2017. Why should we trust Kuo’s statement? The reputable leakster is a KGI security analyst that has accurately predicted Apple’s devices so far.

Going further with the details, the three iPad devices will be different in sizes: 12.9-inch, 10.5-inch and 9.7-inch of tablets. A previous report from the Bloomberg1 suggests an advanced display technology which will allow the tablets to be more professional. Along with the upgrade, the iPad Pro 2 will have deeper stylus integration. Apple could be making the upcoming iPad Pro compatible with Sonder’s magic keyboards as well.

Apple rumor: iPad Pro will get an AMOLED display in 2018

Tech analysts predict that the iPad with AMOLED display will not arrive until 2018, which is due to the hardware upgrades that could take time to develop. Furthermore, Tim Cook’s statement about enhancing AR experience may need a long-dedicated time to create a compelling device.

Kuo also stated that the exciting iPad tablets, with all of its major overhaul, will be introduced in 2018. The changes include the AMOLEd display, the waterproof chassis and the design factor that could adopt the latest iPhone form. This will make a great selling point for the Cupertino-based tech giant.

Will Apple release iPad Pro 2 with MacBook Pro 2016 this year?

Many reports claimed that the iPad Pro 2 will not be unveiled during Apple’s October press event. The invites have been sent out with limited information. However, the tagline ‘hello again’ does indicate Macs refresh.


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