Banks back biometrics for mobile-first world

Physical1 CBR Staff Writer2

14:39, November 26 2015

News: Handset manufacturers are also showing interest in the technology. Banks are being urged to use biometrics as access methods for identification, authentication of payment services and mobile transactions. According to a whitepaper by Mobey Forum biometrics can be used payment services and mobile transactions more secure. The research highlighted the fact that biometrics can be used in different areas of financial services including online dealing transactions, insurance, and employee screening.

However, there are hurdles in the way when it comes to deploying the technology as there has to be a common standard, evaluation criteria and certifications prior to mass usage. The survey showed that banks showed the most interest in implementing biometrics in near future, with handset manufacturers also planning to integrate biometric capabilities into their devices. However, Mobey recommends banks to carefully choose the factors like system architectures, biometric modalities, and proprietary or open solutions, security, and collaboration versus competition while deploying biometrics. Info Security cited Mobey Forum executive director Sirpa Nordlund as saying: “Compared to entering a PIN or a password, biometrics offer a fantastically convenient user experience which is well-suited to the mobile environment, so it is easy to see why they are in such demand.

“Naturally, banks and financial institutions are keen to offer this experience, but must also ensure they strike the right balance between convenience and security.”


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Raspberry Pi Zeros in on size and cost

Server1 James Nunns2

10:40, November 26 2015


News: Zero will be available for £5. Britain’s most successful homegrown computer, Raspberry Pi, is getting smaller and cheaper. The company is aiming to further reduce the price barrier to entry by making the latest version, Raspberry3 Pi Zero, available for £5. The device’s bigger brothers of the Zero model cost between £20-£35. The shrunk down version of the original Raspberry Pi will offer users fewer ports and will run more slowly, but at a lower price than the original, with the idea being to reach as broad a market as possible.

Manufactured in Wales it will feature a 1GHz ARM11 core, 512MB of SDRAM, a micro-SD card slot, mini-HDMI socket for 1080p60 video output, micro-USB sockets for data and power and will have dimensions of 65mm x 30mm x 5mm.

Zero4 will run Raspbian so users can run applications such as Scratch, Minecraft and Sonic Pi.

The little computer has been extremely successful with seven million sold so far, including 270,000 in October this year.


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iPad Pro no: Apple’s latest is already proclaimed a failure

What the heck is the matter with people? Well, when the Macalope says people in this instance he means the coagulated meat clumps that write for the Forbes contributor network and liberated sock monkey sanctuary. Ewan Spence does us all the great favor of explaining how the iPad Pro’s Failure In The Tablet Wars Hands Microsoft A Rare Victory. (Tip o the antlers to @oatmeal331.)

It s very nice of him as the Macalope is not personally able to decipher the portents of Apple device doom that lie in everyday happenings such as a feather falling from a bird s wing or certain shapes being burnt into toast. For example, he was unaware that the iPad Pro had already failed. Important information. Good to have. This is why you go to a witch doctor. Recent studies show that Apple has not been able to increase its share of the tablet market with the iPad family. Well, it s been out for two weeks so if it hasn t dramatically increased Apple s tablet share in that amount of time then banana box transmission jelly the hot dog water.

Notice that Spence does not link to any of these recent studies . The Macalope s seen one that actually does exist and is based on the iPad Pro s web share since its release, but perhaps the ridiculous of such an effort defies linking to. The href tag simply dissolves. Meanwhile, Strategy Analytics look at the tablet market in its Tablet Operating System Forecast report highlights Microsoft s relative success in the tablet market. Sales of Windows tablets are up 58% year-on-year, and are projected to reach 22 million for calendar year 2015. And we all know that market share projections are never wrong2. Right.

The Macalope meant to say right . Let s just lay this comparison out here: The Surface has been out for three years, was an abject failure at the start and finally turned into a nice business in 2015 after Microsoft spent hundreds of millions of dollars forcing professional football players and coaches3 and superheroes and their pals4 to use them. (Do we know for a fact that the Surface s market share increase isn t from all the product placement Microsoft has done?) The iPad Pro, meanwhile, has been out for two weeks and is already doomed. Sure, that s fair. No, no, go on. Keep going. Further. Nope, the Macalope can still hear you. Little further.

The iPad Pro was a chance to reinvigorate the line. The past tense can be used because two weeks is the statute of limitations on products being a success. Its chance is over now and there s nothing left for us to do but wait for the heat death of the universe. Microsoft has out-Appled Apple with the ability to define the market, and it will continue to reap the rewards as we move forward into 2016. That s one way of looking at it. Apple is selling fewer iPads and Microsoft is selling more Surfaces. But Apple s also selling more honkin big phones. Further, when launching the Surface Pro 45, Microsoft compared it against the MacBook Air, not the iPad. While you can use it as a tablet, it seems more likely to be being used as a laptop. Which is fine and it seems to now be working out for Microsoft, but are its sales coming at Apple s expense or the expense of its Windows OEMs?

Regardless, it s a little to early to stick a novelty 12.9-inch fork in iPad Pro. Give it a least three weeks.


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